Responsible Recruitment Program

The Responsible Recruitment Program (RRP) is a development path designed for and targeted at private recruitment agencies (PRAs), with potential public recognition for progress to meet ethical recruitment standards of today’s leading industry customers. The program has both training and assessment components.

The key activities of RRP include the submission a Declaration of Commitment; mandatory attendance of ethical recruitment training; participation in verified self-assessment and, if qualified, demonstrating adherence to ethical recruitment standards through the Specialty Validated Assessment Progran (SVAP) on Forced Labor as well as on-going assurance requirements.

Benefits that a PRA can expect for participating in RRP include:

  • Getting on a progressive improvement path to meet ethical recruitment standards
  • Meeting increasing customer expectations and sustain long term business relationship
  • Differentiating business operations from competitors
  • Visibility to RLI member companies
  • Gaining public recognition

In 2018, supported by a grant from the Walmart Foundation, the RRP was implemented through the RBA Foundation as part of a project that aims to help break the cycle of exploitation commonly experienced by foreign migrant workers recruited and employed to work in Malaysia. In addition to the RRP, the project also aimed at transforming the market for responsible employment and recruitment practices through the Responsible Workplace Program (RWP) that build the awareness of workplace managers and workers on forced labor. Learn more about the RRP and RWP supported by this grant on our RBA Foundation page.

In 2020, the RBA Foundation received another grant from the Walmart Foundation to support a project that promotes safe migration in Malaysia through the transformation of recruitment practices and standards in the supply chain, that includes the continuation of the RRP for another two years, focusing on the Nepal-Malaysia and Indonesia-Malaysia migration corridors. The project also includes several other pilot activities aimed at raising awareness of migrant workers at every stage of their migration journey, as well as the implementation of an economic incentive model for responsible recruitment. Learn more about this here.

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The operational impacts of Covid-19 are leading to postponements of RRP assessments due to a variety of factors. Additional learning and assessment activities will be scheduled at the earliest possible date with consideration given to maintaining public safety.

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