SVAP on Forced Labor


Companies with international supply chains face increasing regulatory and market access requirements to conduct advanced due diligence on forced labor. Detecting the conditions that contribute to forced labor is notoriously difficult and requires specialized standards, focus and resources. The RBA has been working with stakeholders and members to create a world-class assessment program for forced labor due diligence called the Specialty Validated Assessment Program (SVAP) on Forced Labor.

What is the SVAP on Forced Labor?

The Specialty Validated Assessment Program (SVAP) on Forced Labor is a new audit program based exclusively on identifying the risk of forced labor at an Employment Site (e.g., factory) or Labor Provider (e.g., labor agent or recruitment agency). The elements of the SVAP audit were carefully constructed to create a specialized assessment program, limited in scope to only focus on provisions related to forced labor. This unique program provides a variety of benefits to companies and their suppliers. 


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For more information on the SVAP on Forced Labor, please download our brochure here.

Companies that are interested in an SVAP on Forced Labor can contact The RBA’s Audit Program Manager (APM) will work with you to gather information, determine an acceptable schedule and provide costing and additional process information.

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